General Information

The MetLife Customer Focus Award will recognize the best outstanding teams who are able to present innovative ideas leading to customer service excellence, through machine learning, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other tools and platforms to help simplify and optimize the business processes concentrating on how every interaction best serves the clients, maximizes customer experience, guides decision making processes, identifies diversified audiences, excels at creating value for clients to understand, anticipate and serve their evolving needs.

The Criteria

Customer Focus (50%):

  • Has the team taken the steps to understand the world of its clients
  • Does the team demonstrate the intention to create value for its clients and to build their trust by serving their interests responsibly?
  • Has the team been able to anticipate and serve clients’ changing needs?

Business Sustainability (30%):

  • Does the team demonstrate sufficient business potential, with a realistic and practical business plan?
  • Has the team presented a well thought through plan (do they have in place a strategy, business case, partnership structure, distribution channels) that have all the elements of being successful in the identified markets?

Use of Digital Innovation (20%):

  • Has the team demonstrated use of digital innovations such as those listed above in their product or services?
  • Does the team introduce a genuinely new innovative product or service?
  • Does the product or service deliver an innovative client experience, along with creative design?
  • Has the team presented a solution/product in a step up from business as usual to deliver real benefits to customers?

BONUS Criterion Digital Ethics (5 points):

  • Has the team demonstrated a commitment to digital ethics?
  • Which digital ethics principles are taken into consideration by the start-up, security, privacy, data flow, GDPR?


  • The MetLife Customer Focus Award winners will receive mentoring from MetLife experts to support their next steps.

The MetLife Customer Focus Award Jury

Kyriakos Apostolidis

Senior Vice President, General Manager of MetLife in Greece & Cyprus

Lenia Papagelopoulou

MetLife Greece MFC General Manager and EMEA Portfolio Manager

Thalia Angelidi

Head of Marketing and Communications,
MetLife Greece

Popi Roussou

EMEA Bancassurance Executive