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Competing Teams


Shampop sells vegan shampoo pearls.


Alibabâche is an alternative to plastic sheeting covering silage silos on farms. It’s a mixture based on agricultural by-products for livestock.


WHISP provides light in the administrative chaos and helps expats get integrated into foreign healthcare system by guiding and assisting them to overcome language barriers with a simple navigation guide and a do-it-yourself platform that accelerates and facilitates the documentation processes.


We strive to find solutions for people with disabilities. We offer a product that aims at compensating hearing loss with the sense of touch.


HydroSAFE innovates and manufactures sealing solutions to protect hydraulic systems against oil leaks with the aim of reducing environmental and human contact with oil.


Reading a product’s label is time-consuming and uncomfortable. Our solution is an app, which helps consumers read labels within seconds, clearly indicates the ingredients of a product and matches the results to the consumer’s needs.

A.I.M Tracking

AIM Tracking offers GPS-Based location tracking for powertools owned by construction companies. The tracking reduces misplacements and thefts and improves the tool management process.


EnVision facilitates entrepreneurs’ ecological commitment by creating and animating a local network of innovative and resilient companies. Therefore, we introduce them to environmentally friendly local initiatives during matchmaking events.

Dr. IV

Dr.IV is a system that monitors intravenous infusion in hospitals & clinics using IoT technology and a mobile app. This system can be used by hospitals lacking staff in order to reduce potential life-threatening errors occuring from the existing infrastructure. 


“DogsGoOut” – the company which solves the unpleasant collection and discomfort of carrying dog excrement. The team developed ecological paper bags for collecting dog excrement. 


GreeLo is a matchmaking platform where people can sell their surplus of vegetables, fruit and plants from their own garden.


STILES offers a suite of high performance environmentally sensitive décor tiles that enhance the aesthetic value of urban infrastructure while safeguarding the environment by giving a second life to waste material.


A flash bell which helps the consumers find their bikes easily.

Host SB

We have developed a product that connects your mobile or tablet to the correct Wi-Fi with a tap. You simply touch the HOST with your phone, and it connects to the right network. You do no even need to worry about typos when entering complicated passwords any more.


We are MIZED and we came to the market to bring tailor made protections for every athlete! We seek to close a gap in the market, with the combination of our two products. We offer a plastic chest protection perfectly made of PET, a biodegradable and recyclable plastic, in 3D printing machines that perfectly fits every athlete’s body. We further offer a customisable sports top.

VMP-Volunteer Management Platform

The platform has two features. It informs those interested in volunteering about events in their area where they can participate as volunteers supporting the organisers. It also helps event organisers to manage volunteers within the event and communicate effectively.

Flying Organs

FlyingOrgans has come to revolutionise express delivery of healthcare packages. Say goodbye to outdated methods, the future is here. In just one click, FlyingOrgans guarantees safe, on time delivery of organs, medical supplies and equipment.


At PureWorld, our mission is to help combat THREE MAJOR issues: (A) Clean and safe drinking water – by developing a solution for communities and families that are drawing water from unclean and harmful sources. (B) Plastic pollution in our oceans – source recycled ocean plastic and use it as the core material for our product. (C) Improving accessibility to water – supporting initiatives to improve water supplies, access to safe water and sanitation services.