General Information

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The three best Start Ups in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the competition. The winners are the highest scoring student companies according to the competition criteria. The Jury pays particular attention to the value (financial, social or cultural) each Start Up is creating and its potential to grow.

The Criteria

Innovation and Value Creation (20%)

  • Did the team clearly define the business problem and its solution?
  • Does the product/service fulfill a customer need, has resonance and desirability?
  • Does the business solution change or significantly improve an existing process?
  • Did the team take an approach to social, ethical and environmental issues?

Market & Competition (20%)

  • Did the team clearly identify the target market and the market potential of their product/service?
  • Did the team show an understanding of their product/service differentiation in relation to competitors?
  • Is the business model both realistic and viable?
  • Does the company demonstrate scalability in both geography and solution?

Team (20%)

  • Does the team have the necessary mix of expertise to be successful?
  • Does the team have commitment and motivation to persevere through highs and lows?
  • Does the team demonstrate the ability to adapt if needed?
  • Has the team managed to recruit advisors when needed?

Learning Experience (10%)

  • Are the students able to reflect the learnings acquired through the experience?
  • Do the students demonstrate an understanding of how to apply theory into practice?
  • Are the students able to reflect on, act on, and react to problems aligned with the objectives of the company?
  • Can the team tolerate and admit their mistakes (does the team support this behaviour)?

Specific Criteria for Each Stage (30%)


You can find more relevant information concerning the competition (requirements, criteria and guidelines) here. All participants should read this information carefully and consult any need for additional details with their JA Member organisation.

The Main Jury

Emilios Kyriacou

Citi Country Officer Greece, Cyprus & Malta.

Corporate Bank Head Greece.

Oliver Sorby

Corporate Responsibility Lead, Staples Solutions.

Charalampos Kazantzidis

CEO, ManpowerGroup Greece.

Hans Daems

Group Public Affairs Officer, Hitachi Europe.

Ivaylo Petrov

Innovation – Health Tech Partnership for CEE & RUC.

Innovation & Transformation ECC Cluster at Novartis.

Sofia Kilifi

Sustainability & Community Manager, Coca-Cola Europe.

Nancy Refki

Manager Philanthropy & Engagement, Salesforce.org.

Marco Veremis

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Upstream.

Partner at BigPi Venture Capital.

Michał Dżoga

Corporate Affairs Manager, Intel Corporation responsible for the Europe Region

Sarah Dickson

Head of Philanthropy (Europe, Middle East and Africa), BNY Mellon