EEC JA Alumni Leadership Award

General Information

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It is a HUGE pleasure to introduce the JA Alumni Europe Leadership Award at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge again.
The Award is given to outstanding individual students showing that extra initiative and leadership during the programme.


The nominated students will receive an invitation to join two evaluated panel interviews, which will take place online during the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge. The winners of the Alumni Leadership Award 2020 will be announced during the EEC Awards Ceremony.

The Criteria and Award Info

The JA Alumni Leadership Award is an individual award that only 5 students receive at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge. The holder of this award certificate has been recognised as a JA Alumni Leader, standing out as individual showing role model behaviour, possessing leadership skills, team solidarity and real JA Alumni spirit.

Thereby, the applied evaluation fields, criteria and their respective weighting are the following:

Role Model Behavior  (25%)

  • Honesty
  • Constant Development
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

Leadership Skills (25%)

  • Clear Vision
  • Pro-activity
  • Responsibility

Team Player (25%)

  • Communication skills
  • Team Development Focus
  • Integrity

Alumni Spirit (25%)

  • Enthusiasm
  • Giving Back
  • Sustainable Thinking

Alumni Leadership Award Jury

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Bjarne Astor

Winner of the CoYC 2015 in Berlin.

Participated in the Company Programme in 2015.

Marco Gronover

National Coordinator, JA Alumni Germany.

Participated in JA Programme in 2012.

Matúš Pravda

Events Coordinator, JA Alumni Europe.

Participated in JA Programme in 2015.

Ragna Jebsen

Events Manager, JA Alumni Europe

Winner of the CoYC 2015 in Berlin

Participated in the Company Programme in 2015